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As The(o’s) World Turns

Just a few quick thoughts on some of the trade rumors swirling about on the interwebs and other more traditional news outlets.

Randall Delgado: Future Cub? (photo courtesy of braves.com)

Ryan Dempster to Atlanta for Randall Delgado

What looked yesterday to be a done deal, this trade is currently in-limbo waiting on Dempster’s approval.  A couple of things stand out here.  First, I think this would be a great deal for the Cubs if it works out.  The initial reaction on the twittersphere when rumors of the deal first broke were something along the lines of “NO WAY the Braves trade such a highly regarded prospect for a rent-a-player like Dempster.”  By all accounts, the deal represents great value for the Cubs.  A second point to consider is the current holdup of the deal.  Apparently Dempster is more than a bit miffed at the way the front office has handled the situation.  He even took to Twitter in an effort to dispel the rumors.  My primary concern with the current dissension is that it could scuttle a really good deal for the club.  Beyond that, even if the deal does go through, Dempster’s unhappiness with the manner in which the whole situation was handled could significantly impair the Cubs’ chances of resigning him after he becomes a free agent at season’s end.

Matt Garza to the Dodgers for Zach Lee (and others)

For as great of a deal as the Dempster-Delgado trade appears to be, I am far more tepid when it comes to potentially shipping Garza off for a highly regarded, yet completely unproven pitcher in the form of Zach Lee.  For whatever reason, the front office seems more than willing to part with Garza.  I have no problem with the idea in theory, but it seems very risky to trade away a top-of-the-rotation type pitcher for a greenhorn pitching prospect.  Early round high school pitching prospects are notoriously hit-and-miss, and being dealt for a known quantity such as Garza will only serve to heap even more pressure on Lee during the crucial next few seasons as he tries to develop into a legitimate major league pitcher.  For me at least, a minimum of one or two more good prospects would need to be included for the deal to make sense.  One potential hiccup could be the injury Garza picked up in his last outing against St. Louis over the weekend.

There have also been various rumors surrounding other players such as Darwin Barney and Paul Maholm.  More info on those as details become available.